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Way Up With Angela Yee

Way Up With Angela Yee

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Angela Yee Clarifies Her Comments About 'The Breakfast Club'

Angela Yee

Photo: Way Up With Angela Yee

Angela Yee took some time out to address the comments she made about her experience on The Breakfast Club.

On Monday, March 6, the host of Way Up With Angela Yee explained her shock over the uproar that erupted from her recent interview on The Tamron Hall Show. Yee told the talk show host that it was challenging being the only woman in the room with her co-hosts and production staff. She believes people may have had an issue with the way she said it, but Yee clarified that she did not mean that no other women worked on the show behind-the-scenes.

“Maybe it was the way that I said it, I’m not sure," Yee said. "I guess people were interpreting it to mean that I meant that there were no women working on the show, and that was not my intention. ‘Cause that’s simply not true. I was talking about in that studio, in that room. Even Sydney will tell you I’d walk out that room and be like, ‘I can’t be in here for now.’ And I would even say when I leave the show, I don’t even wanna talk to any guys."

Yee also said she's explained her feelings about her time on the show in the past so it was shock to see the explosive response. Although she did decide to address the controversy on Twitter, the radio host said she did her best to stay off social media for most of the weekend. Her co-host DJ Envy also addressed Yee's comments on social media and during the "Rumor Report" with Porsha Williams.

"I did speak to Yee last night," Envy said. "Me and Yee got on the phone last night and she understood what I was saying when she said that she meant in the room meaning people that actually worked in the room but that's not what that clip said and that's now how it went out an that's what I was upset about."

See Angela Yee's full response below.